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This page lists classes taught by CCCoders, organized by school year. If you have any extra questions or are not sure what class material you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

2020 - 2021

These are the classes being taught this year!

App & Web Design

This class is led by Miriam and Sarah.   It covers the basics of app design using and web design in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.   Intermediate difficulty.

Video Game Development

This class is led by August.  We will cover the fundamentals of video game development in the Unity engine and C#.  Advanced difficulty.

The Art of Coding

This class is led by Laura and Katie. It will focus on how we can merge code with art in the language Python. Intermediate difficulty.

Principles of Computer Science with Snap!

This is led by CCCoder's own advisors, Charles Wallace and Leo Ureel. This uses a block-based coding language, Snap!. Beginner difficulty.

Learning Programming with Python

Parker and Amanda lead this class. It covers the basic syntax and logic of the Python language. Beginner difficulty.