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This course covers the basics of game development. We will learn how to structure a virtual world for performance, scalability, and stability. This involves event management, encapsulation, inheritance, pattern implementations and much more. We will learn how to breathe life into an idea through the C# language and Unity engine in the most effective manner.

Due to its challenging nature, this course is designed for high school students with prior programming experience.

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Struggling With a Topic?

Try reading about in the Unity Documentation. You can also email me if you’re still confused.

Our Projects

Note: There will obviously be more than one project or week as you update your class’s page.

  • Video Game Development Week 8: Finishing Touches

    This week we’ll be wrapping up flappy bird with some finishing touches.

    Find the slides here.

    Find the required assets for this week here.

  • Video Game Development Week 7: The Player Manager

    This week, we will talk about the player manager. This will be in charge of player-specific tasks like knowing when we have hit an obstacle and when we score points. This part is easy. Most of this lecture will be about making sure the rest of the code knows these things too. There will be a brief discussion on coroutines as well. Find the slides here.

    Find the package file here

  • Video Game Development Week 6

    This week, we will be expanding on the obstacle spawner with an obstacle mover. We will also explore local space, and how we can use it. Finally, we will go back into the prefab editor and build our pipe obstacle prefab using tags.

    Find the slides here

    Required models and textures for this week can be found here

    Final Unity Package for this week here

  • Video Game Development Week 5: The Game Manager

    This week, we will continue talking about a topic briefly touched on in Week 4: The Game Manager. You can find the slides here

    You can find the Unity Package here

  • Video Game Development Week 4: Prefabs

    Find this week’s slides here

    Find the Unity Package here

    Unity Documentation on Prefabs

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