Video Game Development

This course covers the basics of game development. We will learn how to structure a virtual world for performance, scalability, and stability. This involves event management, encapsulation, inheritance, pattern implementations and much more. We will learn how to breathe life into an idea through the C# language and Unity engine in the most effective manner.

Due to its challenging nature, this course is designed for high school students with prior programming experience.

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Struggling With a Topic?

Try reading about in the Unity Documentation. You can also email me if you’re still confused.

Our Projects

Note: There will obviously be more than one project or week as you update your class’s page.

  • Expanding the Save Manager

    This week we will expand the save manager to save and load lists. We will use this functionality to implement a method for saving and loading our inventory.

    Please download these scripts before class

    The slides can be found here

  • Video Game Development Week 14: Animation

    We will be discussing keyframe animation at a high level, and Unity’s state-machine implementation of animation known as “Mecanim”. This week, we will be adding a fully animated character.

    The slides are available here

    Please download this package containing the rigged character and animations we will need for the class.

  • Game Development Week 13: Structs, Serialization, and Scriptable Objects

    This week, we will be discussing structs, serialization, and Unity Scriptable Objects in order to implement a robust save/load system.

    Find the slides here

    Find the unimplemented code here

  • Video Game Development Week 12: Creating an Inventory System

    This week, we will be wrapping up some things from the jumping and moving class. After that, we are going to dive into using key value pairs to create an inventory system of collectables, as well as how to integrate this with our current spawning system.

    Find the slide here

  • Video Game Development Week 11: Jumping, Moving, and everything it entails…

    This week, we will be diving into all that great vector math that allows us to move characters, test if they are on the ground, and other fun stuff!

    Find this week’s slides here

    Find the Unity Package here

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