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For 6-12th Students

Welcome to the Copper Country Coders website! Here we lead year long groups on various programming topics. The best part about Coders is we have so many groups to choose from. Our leaders want to make sure you have fun while with us, so they make sure that all of our groups are doing interesting projects that you’ll enjoy. You get to choose which group to join based on what you think will be interesting!

Even if you aren’t able to come to our group sessions, we have posted all of our plans online so you can do the programs at home! Or, if you’re interested in seeing what another group does, you can check them out too. See our all classes page here!

We also have put together a list of other things you can do if you want to try programming at home. You can check out what our leaders have had fun with on our extra resources page.

Take a look around our site to explore more about what we do and cool things we want to brag about. If you are interested in joining a group, talk to your parents and have them contact us to sign you up.

Happy Coding!