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App Design & Web Design

We’re going to be making apps using’s app lab and then making websites a bit later on using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. What’s an app? Just about anything you can imagine – the main difference between and app and a website is that an app is designed to run on a phone or tablet whereas a website runs on the web and is viewed on any device. Some apps we might make include a pop quiz app, a drawing program. We’ll be taking project suggestions later on, so you can pitch an app idea to the class. For websites, we’ll do a choose-your-own-adventure game, discuss different formats for different purposes (blogs, online games, organization/company websites, etc.). After that, you’ll have a chance to create a website on a topic of interest to you.

This class is meant to be an intermediate level, meaning we’re hoping you have a little bit of programming experience. By the end of this course, you should have developed your own website and will be able to develop apps. Looking forward to having fun this year doing a deep dive into apps and the web!

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