Get to Know Our Leaders

The best part about Coders is our fantastic leaders. Our leaders create all the curriculum for our groups and facilitate the weekly sessions where students learn all about what makes computer science awesome. This is who we are!


Laura Albrant Laura Albrant President
Fourth-year Computer Science Major
Mobile App Development
Hunter Malinowski Hunter Malinowski Vice President
Second-year CS & Psychology Major
Web Development
Jacob Wysko Jacob Wysko Secretary
Second-year Geospatial Engineering Major
Introduction to Java
Jacob Leczycki Jacob Leczycki Treasurer
Third-year Computer Science Major
Introduction to Python


Emma Casteel Emma Casteel Snap! Programming
Josh Overbeek Josh Overbeek FRC Java
Carson Perkins Carson Perkins Introduction to Python
Tristan Sorenson Tristan Sorenson Under the hood! Programming


Charles Wallace Charles Wallace Computer Science Associate Professor
Leo Ureel II Leo Ureel II Computer Science Assistant Professor